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Dr. Lakesha Brackins 251.375.5420
Director of Elementary Education Email Dr. Lakesha Brackins
Mrs. Melissa Bush 251.375.5420
Accounts Payable Manager Email Mrs. Melissa Bush
Mr. Daniel Clark 251.375.5420
Director of Operations Email Mr. Daniel Clark
Mrs. Diana Collins, MSN, RN 251.375.5420
Supervisor of Health Services Email Mrs. Diana Collins, MSN, RN
Mr. Frank Davis 251.375.5420
Technology Coordinator Email Mr. Frank Davis
Mr. Bud Edmonds 251.375.5420
Transportation Fleet Manager Email Mr. Bud Edmonds
Mr. Shane Martin 251.375.5420
Chief School Financial Officer Email Mr. Shane Martin
Dr. Frankie Mathis 251.375.5420
Director of Secondary Education Email Dr. Frankie Mathis
Mrs. Terri Jo Napp 251.375.5420
School Psychologist Email Mrs. Terri Jo Napp
Mrs. Pam Patterson 251.375.5420
CNP Specialist Email Mrs. Pam  Patterson
Mrs. Amy Pippins 251.375.5420
Director of Special Services Email Mrs. Amy Pippins
Mr. Zachary Richardson 251.375.5420
IT Technician Email Mr. Zachary Richardson
Mrs. Lou Schambeau 251.375.5420
EL Coordinator/Attendance Officer Email Mrs. Lou Schambeau
Mrs. Stacey Skinner 251.375.5420
Payroll Manager Email Mrs. Stacey Skinner
Dr. Kristen Sousa 251.375.5420
Director of Federal & Support Programs Email Dr. Kristen Sousa
Mrs. Sandra Strickland 251.375.5420
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent Email Mrs. Sandra Strickland
Mrs. Sonya Yates 251.375.5420
Instructional Interventionist Email Mrs. Sonya Yates